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We provide services that work as magically, and we have
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Ecommerce Stores

We specialize in creating awesome online stores for businesses, making them look fantastic and easy to use. Our team of talented writers knows how to write

CMS Website Development

We create amazing CMS websites using platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, WooCommerce and Drupal to help businesses succeed online.

Graphics Designing

We make awesome designs that leave an amazing impression. We create attractive logos, astonishing marketing materials, and eye-catching web graphics.

Social Media Marketing

We create irresistible strategies and fascinating content that engage your audience and boost your brand. With cutting-edge tools and industry insights,

SEO Optimization

For online business SEO is a must have option, without a good SEO, it's harder for customers to find you. We help you rank high on google search pages,

Website Maintenance

When websites have problems or old information, customers leave. With our Website Maintenance services, we keep everything working perfectly

Pioneering Progress

Biteabyte's Cutting-Edge

Dive into the forefront of innovation with Biteabyte’s Leading Technologies section. We are committed to pushing boundaries and harnessing












Adobe XD

Keywords Everywhere


SEO Journal

Yoast SEO












Our Work Process

At first, we do research and analysis of your brand and the target audience along with the requirements needed. We will provide a great designed and secure website for your brand, if you already have one we will do our best to improve the structure and color combination if needed, just for a better result.

Our Portfolio

Station Rove

Meet Station Rove, your go-to place for women entrepreneurs. Founded by Mané Bailey, who started from scratch and made it big, They are all about supporting women in business. Whether you need one-on-one advice or someone to do the work for you, they have got you covered. They are not just a business service; They are a team and a promise.

Cat Club Royale

Welcome to Cat Club Royale, where amazing cats come to life. They have 10 super special cats, each with their own cool powers and stories. They travel around the world to help other cats. When you join them, you're not just joining a club, you're helping cats in need too. They donate 20% of what they make to help rescue and protect cats.


XPLORA, where you'll embark on an exciting space adventure! Imagine yourself as an astronaut exploring the vast galaxy. You'll own cool spaceships and space stations. The real fun is in space missions and discoveries. You can choose from different types of spaceships, each with its own style. Play the game, earn rewards, and trade items - it's all part of the XPLORA experience.

Beleza Couture Studio

We are passionate about providing great service, we're also passionate about designing our website awesome. So when you visit our site, know that it's not just any website, it's our handcrafted online home. Take a look around, and you'll see the same care and attention to detail that we put into everything we do.


We worked really hard to design and build a website that which is Stykka. We made it look nice and easy to use, just like Stykka's furniture and ideas. So, when you visit the website, you'll get a clear picture of how Stykka is changing the world of furniture and design. We've created a special place online where you can explore Stykka's cool stuff.

LST Truck Wash

A service of Truck Wash is emerged with excellent success rate in industry, and eco friendly cleaning procedure helped them to be a leading player. We designed a color specified and developed device optimized website that works as the best tool to stand alone in the industry and rule industry.

Yummi Official

To introduce new brand Yummi Official, the website is designed and developed by us with 100% satisfaction and mobile responsive. with not only best user interface, but also it's color combination and site speed are appreciable. This brand's recipes alignment and guidance are futuristic.

Glam Lash Pro

A brand that provide all kinds of lashes under one umbrella, it's platform is well designed and developed by us. We did work efficiently with huge experience in this domain, to have a secure payment method, color scheme and combination with website, and mobile responsive. We believe on quality work.

RM Productions

A company where Videos and photos are excelled, We designed the website with innovation and dedication. on some specific features we focused a lot like font placement and photo placements. We not only did all of them cunningly, but also with full focused mobile first functionality took place.

Elevate Kicks

An online platform providing different types of sneakers is designed by us in a very productive way. The development process we have is standard and we ensure speed optimization along with many other features and mobile responsiveness. It's landing page is phenomenal and unique in industry.

Station Rove
Cat Club Royale
Beleza Couture Studio
LST Truck Wash
Yummi Official
Glam Lash Pro
RM Productions
Elevate Kicks
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