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Elevate Kicks

logo of Elevate kicks

Elevate Kicks is a one-stop solution for sneaker lovers, They sell a variety of sneakers including Jordan’s, Nike, Adidas, etc. The website is eCommerce ready and has a payment gateway Integrated for online payments


Our Client wanted a simple yet Unique website for sneaker lovers, The website sells sneakers of all categories and brands, They wanted easy navigation across the site with all standard eCommerce features including size guide, dedicated categories page, etc.


We created a simple, yet stunning website with all of the categories placed in the dropdown menu of the navigation bar, making it easy for users to navigate. The website is mobile-responsive and has all the features our client wanted.

All products page in big screen device
About us page of Elevate Kicks website in large screen device
Contact us page in laptop screen
Page of shop with showing products with different color, in for computer screens
A single product page with all description for computer device screen

Brand Style Guide


logo of Elevate kicks




Work Sans is a new font that’s easy to read and looks friendly. It’s good for many different projects

Elevate Kicks product page in mobile screen demo
Different sneakers shown in mobile screen
A single product in mobile screen
Login option in mobile screen demo

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