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Station Rove

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Station Rove

Station Rove is a Business consulting website dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs. They offer dedicated 1:1 Consulting calls and Workshops related to business operations and management.


Our Client wanted a website that made her stand out from the crowd, She wanted a Unique Design that empowered her company’s vision and mission, She wanted the website to portray empowerment and support, and help like-minded people connect to build a community that can have an impact.


We delivered a distinctive design featuring a striking ‚ÄúBlack and White‚ÄĚ combination, ensuring that her website stands out from the crowd. The design is clean and minimalistic, prioritizing clarity and user-friendly navigation

Homepage of Station Rove website in desktop screens
Case studies page of the website
some detail of product in the website

Brand Style Guide


logo of Station Rove website




Futura Font is a bold, modern, and versatile sans-serif typeface. Its clean, sleek lines make it ideal for striking headlines and various design projects, offering a contemporary and eye-catching style.


Karla Font is a clear, easy-to-read typeface tailored for digital interfaces. Its adaptability and contemporary design make it a superb choice for web and app designs, ensuring seamless user experience.

homepage of the website in mobile screen
detail page of product in mobile screen
page that tells detail of the brand in mobile screen size
Contact us page of the website in mobile screen size

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