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Water For South Sudan

logo of Water For South Sudan organization

Water For South Sudan

Water for South Sudan, a dedicated NGO, is changing lives in South Sudan one drop at a time. With generous donations, we bring clean, life-sustaining water to communities in need. But we don’t stop there. We also build schools, empowering future generations. Together, we’re creating a brighter, healthier future for the people of South Sudan, giving them the most fundamental resources for life: clean water and access to education.


Our Client wanted a comprehensive website that included there past contributions and information about future projects, They also wanted a website with a  payment gateway integrated for taking donations online for each project at a single time.


We made a comprehensive website along with content, They have different projects going on at the same time, and they are categorized. The website comes with a dedicated portal to make donations.

HomePage of Water For South Sudan website in Desktop screen
Page that tells about mission
a page that provide detail about people who did donate
A page that talks about goals and aim of the website and organization
contact us page of the organization website

Brand Style Guide


logo of Water For South Sudan organization




Futura Font is a bold and contemporary sans-serif typeface known for its modern style. Its clean lines and adaptability make it ideal for striking headlines and a range of design projects.


Poppins Font is a bold and modern sans-serif typeface. It looks sleek and clean, making it great for catching attention in headlines and all kinds of design projects.

Homepage of the website with mobile responsiveness
Our mission page showing the mission of the organization
Detail page of the organization showing all the detail of the organization
Contact us page with mobile screen, that shows the website response on small devices screen

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