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Top Paragon Resources

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Top Paragon Resources

Top Paragone Resources is a leading Home appliances accessories Provider. Their website showcases a wide range of services, including Home-exterior/Interior, Wallpapers, and kitchen appliances. The site is also eCommerce ready. With a clean and user-friendly design, the site reflects its commitment to excellence in providing top-notch home maintenance solutions.


The client required a website to display both the products and services offered. With two distinct goals, they sought an eCommerce-ready platform for the site. They also demanded to add a glimpse of their work.


We crafted a custom design with a keen eye for details and color schemes, The Website has a clean, minimalistic look, has all the features the client wants, and gives a brief overview of the categories on the homepage. along with supporting visuals. The website allows users to place an order online at the same time.

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About us page of the website Top Paragon Resources website
Services page of the website
Product page of the website top paragon Resources
Contact us page of the website - top paragon Resources

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logo of Top Paragon Resources website or company




Montserrat is a versatile and geometric sans-serif font. With a clean design and multiple weights, it’s a popular choice for both print and digital projects, ensuring readability and elegance.


Poppins is a contemporary and stylish sans-serif font. Its wide range of weights and versatility make it ideal for diverse design applications.

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About us page in mobile device
Services page in mobile device, which is responsive
Contact us page with mobile responsiveness

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