Winsome Radical School

Social Media Marketing

Biteabyte was approached by Winsome Radical School with the aim of improving its social media presence and utilizing it to generate student admission enrollments.

With our assistance, they honed in on their target audience, conducted a comprehensive social media analysis, devised an impactful content strategy, and generated a wide range of online profile posts.

Through this strategy, they empowered themselves to exhibit their brand’s knowledge, presenting themselves as a forward-minded school that aligns with modern industry norms by embracing the latest design trends.

Our approach centered on enhancing profile click-through rates through the presentation of website content that was merely a single click away.

Through our efforts, they were able to achieve X impressions, X+ clicks, X increase in follower count & X% increase in landing page visits.


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Organic Social Results (Results across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)

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Platform Stratergy

A tailored social media marketing strategy, informed by our analysis of the target audience's demographics and psychographics, greatly benefited this company. Subsequently, we aligned our content and advertising efforts seamlessly with the school's goals and the preferences of the audience.

Content Publishing

Their content publication strategy for various social media posts was carefully developed with our team's guidance. These posts served as informative channels, conveying details about the institute, its services, and user contact options. We thoughtfully curated content components, including the company logo, product and service information, and contact details, to enhance these posts.

Design Styles

Regarding design, our preference was for a clean, uncluttered theme that made ample use of white space and embraced modern aesthetics. This transformation was realized through the integration of a striking color palette that included whites, blacks, grays, and lively blues. Additionally, we introduced a subtle touch of orangish-yellow in select posts to diversify the visual appeal.


Established and cultivated relationships with key Sydney media, stakeholders and exhibitors on behalf of BIA and Mulpha Events.

Winning Tactics

Strategic Planning

After conducting an in-depth analysis of our client’s current marketing environment, we crafted a clear social media strategy. Furthermore, we put in place key performance indicators (KPIs) to guide our efforts and assess the effectiveness of resource allocation.

CTA Optimization

Our focus was on ensuring that the CTA button was easily noticeable and separated from the content, offering users clear guidance on their next steps and the destination of those steps. The primary objective of the button was to facilitate user communication with the school’s team.

Modern Visuals

We modernized the client’s brand by introducing trendy visual designs that increased the attractiveness and visibility of their brand assets. This modernization was achieved through the integration of striking and forceful visuals that conveyed a feeling of robustness and stability.

Campaign highlights

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