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Social-Media Marketing Project

Biteabyte was approached by Aircraft Radio & Avionics LLC with the objective of enhancing their social media presence & helping them generate leads from their website by re-directing their social media traffic to different landing pages. We identified their target audience, performed a social media audit, crafted a content strategy & designed different posts for their online profiles. This helped them demonstrate their brand’s authority by being shown as an up-to-date business that has aligned itself with modern industry practices, thanks to the use of the latest design trends. Our strategy was to increase the click-through rate of their profiles by giving a teaser of free information available on the website, that was just 1-click away. The results of our efforts helped them yield X impressions, X+ clicks, X increase in follower count & X% increase in landing page visits.


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Platform Stratergy

We crafted a social media marketing strategy for this company by understanding the demographics & psychographics of their target audience. Then, we aligned our content & ad strategy to match the business goals while aligning it with the audience’s needs as well.

Content Publishing

Our team helped them create a content publishing plan for different social media posts. These posts included information about the company, details about its services, and instructions regarding how users can get in touch with the company. We shortlisted specific content elements to include in their posts which included the company logo, product & service information & contact details for reaching out to their team.

Design Styles

In terms of design, we went with a clean-looking theme with plenty of white space & modern aesthetics by incorporating a contrasting color combination of whites, grays & shades of vibrant blue color. To add variation in visual design, we also included some posts with a light tint of orangish-yellow color.

Winning Tactics

Strategic Planning

We crafted a well-defined social media strategy after conducting an audit/analysis of our client’s existing state of marketing. We also defined the metrics that we’ll be looking at to help us guide our efforts & to inform us whether the resources are being utilized effectively or not.

CTA Optimization

Our team made sure that the CTA button was separate from the rest of the content & stood out so that it was clear to the users what next steps should they take & where it lead them. The purpose of this button was to make it quick & easy for the user to get in touch with the company.

Modern Visuals

The client’s brand got a nice touch-up with the utilization of modern, trendy visual designs that made their brand assets look more appealing & attention-grabbing. This also helped them in being perceived as a well-established brand & more authoritative company in the eyes of the user.

Campaign highlights

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