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HBA Tools

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HBA Tools

HBA Tools is the Website of an Influencer who shares affiliate links with his subscribers through his website and has several offerings. They help digital entrepreneurs scale their digital presence with various methods and strategies. The website also has a payment gateway integrated that allows users to make a purchase.


Our Client wanted a unique solution for his followers. The purpose of this website was to share affiliate offers with his subscribers. The client wanted a User-Friendly website with a pleasant design.


We crafted a custom design with a keen eye for details and color schemes, The Website has a clean, minimalistic look, has all the features the client wanted, and also allows users to make a purchase online. The website has a dedicated checkout page, along with a payment gateway Integrated for online payments.

Homepage of the website of the HBA tools
Product/services page of the website
A page which tells about business paackes
Services page and discount page of the website

Brand Style Guide


logo of the website HBA Tools




Oswald is a bold and versatile font with a modern aesthetic. Its strong and clean lines make it perfect for impactful headlines and displaying text in various design projects.


Nunito is a friendly and legible font with a modern appeal. Its rounded edges and balanced design make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Homepage of the website in mobile devices
popular product page in mobile devices
services page in mobile devices showing it's responsiveness
services and special courses page in mobile devices

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